Today's survey industry is an ever changing environment that is evolving on an almost daily basis.  To succeed in this modern industry, it is vital that, as a company we can offer the expertise, equipment and service required by our ever expanding client base.  We feel we have all these qualities in order to offer total solution-based services in the field of Geomatics.


Global Surveys was set up in 1978, and through constant reviews and adaptation, is now in the position to offer extensive geographical coverage of the UK and Europe, from our offices in Northampton. We are a Geomatic Survey company, specialising in all forms of measurement relating to both the natural and man-made environment.  We offer many services which can be tailored to individual clients, in order to provide a complete solution to all forms of survey and construction issues.  90% of the work that we undertake is on a fixed price quotation basis, with works completed to date ranging from £100 to £250,000. We will consider any project in any part of the world, with no task or locality avoided, in fact we tend to specialise in works of difficult nature in remote or unsavoury localities. 

We hope you find this site informative and helpful and encourage feedback on the site and the services we offer.  Please browse this site and spread the word!!

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