Our methods are regularly assessed and updated accordingly, to ensure we are in line with ever-changing technology, adopting the latest in Leica instrumentation throughout our survey fleet.

We have a comprehensive list of clients, projects and references we have built up over the years, which can be viewed on our client page and through our case studies.


Land Surveys

We are capable of offering full Topographical Surveys (to any scale or specification), in most major digital formats or as paper and film plots.   Please telephone to discuss your individual needs, as our flexible systems can be tailored to your requirements. 

Accident Surveys

Conveyance Surveys

Proof Surveys

Aerial Surveys

Feasibility Surveys

Quarry Surveys

Area Calculations

GPS Control Surveys

River / Coastal Surveys

As-Built Surveys

Land Registry Surveys

Tree Surveys

Boundary Disputes

Monitoring Surveys

U/ground Services

Cadastral Surveys

M/way & Road Surveys

Volumetric Surveys

Measured Building Surveys

We have invested heavily over the last 12 months, in our Building Survey dept, in terms of both hardware and software.  We now firmly believe we are amongst only a handful of companies capable of offering the accuracy, speed, versatility and flexibility now expected by our clients.  without jeopardising the high level of accuracy and quality that Global has become renowned for.

Full Internal Surveys

Floor Plans & Areas

Elevation Survey


3D Modelling 


Engineering Setting Out Works

Our Engineers are fully equipped to operate as Site Engineers for all forms of construction and infrastructure work.



Road Reconstruction

Golf Courses

M/way & Trunk Roads

Resurfacing works

Housing Developments 




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